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Make Perfect Copies of your DVD Movies!

Make perfect quality DVD movie backups with total control!

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DVD X Platinum is the latest and most technological advanced DVD movie backup software tool for every DVD movie burning situation, guaranteed to satisfy DVD movie lovers regardless of your experience! With DVD X Platinum's Simple mode, you get one-click automated backups with blazing speed. Power-users and movie buffs alike rave about DVDXPlatinum's Advanced mode where you can easily create highly customized backups by compressing or deleting content of your choice.

Backup copy-protected DVD movies
Simple ("one-click") and Advanced ("power-user") modes
Burn DVD movies to DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) Discs -
no additional software needed
Delete unwanted content
Specify Which Special Feature to Keep or Remove
Copies Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.)
Store original quality and super compressed DVDs on your hard drive
Copies DVD Movie to One Blank Disc (No Need to Split)
Copies Episodic DVD Movies (The Simpsons, The Sopranos, etc.)


Backup Your DVD Movies to One Disc


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A Cheaper Alternative to DVDXCopy Platinum!

DVDXpress, allows you to make high quality backup copies of all your DVD movies. Building on rock solid DVD burning technology, this DVD backup software is one of the simplest available today! Best of all, DVDXPRESS can fit your DVD movie on to just one blank disc. No longer are you required to split your DVD movies across two separate discs.

Now you can make high quality backups of your favorite DVD movies with one-click convenience. Simply insert your DVD movie, click one button and DVD X Copy Xpress backs up your entire movie on a single disc - and with this new version now you can backup everything including the menus, languages and special features! It's really that easy!

Fit your entire DVD movie on to just one disc (No need for 2 discs!!)
Burns DVD movies to any blank DVD Disc (DVD +/- R/RW) including dual layer
Backup copy plays on any ordinary home DVD player
Constantly updated to support latest DVD burners and blank DVD discs
Product updates available online at DVDXSoftware.com
Live Telephone Technical Support
Automatically reformats +/- RW discs
Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
Simple user interface - everything happens automatically for you!
Restore Scratched or Defective DVD movies
DVD Xpress is DVD ripper free ensuring that this product will never run into any legal problems. (You will however be able to backup your copy protected DVD movies with a small DVD ripper tool like AnyDVD or DVD43)
90 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're not happy for any reason, your money will be gladly refunded!

 More DVD Software:

DVD Cloner 4 makes backing up your copy-protected DVD movies simple. With your DVD burner and DVD Cloner software, you pop in the DVD you want to copy in your DVD-ROM and a blank DVD in your DVD Burner and click the button to start the DVD burning process. Plus, DVD Cloner 4 is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.  You do not need to download a separate program like DVD43 or AnyDVD. 

1 Click DVD Copy is simple to install and very easy to use, regardless of your computer experience. Best of all, the video compression technology ensures perfect video quality. Just click the START button to copy a movie, it's that easy! The software handles the appropriate compression settings for you so that you can fit a DVD9 movie onto one blank DVD5! And now, 1Click DVD Copy supports burning a dual layer DVD9 onto a blank dual layer DVD9.  This ensures an exact backup copy without any loss in compression.